You should know… this space here? This website floating in digital dreamland?

It’s my confessional, my chapel, my holy cave.

My virtual venue, my cyber studio, my muted megaphone.

Here is where I splash about in the sea of “I Don’t Know” and rise to the surface with more questions than answers.

Here is where I promise nothing but the truth of this moment.

Here is where I indulge my undying love for:

Words that enthrall, evoke, uplift and play.

Songs that stoke the heart and stir the soul.

The Divinity within Everything.

Bold, creative and honest self-expression.

The holy state of Having.

A perfectly-made macchiato (by Dan the Macchiato Man).

And smart, funny, articulate men who know how to flirt.

May you find something here that cracks you open, releases your resistance, strips off your old story and delivers you smack dab into the core of your beautiful being.